2021 Newsletter

Summer 2021

Everything is slowly returning to normal here at Lower Hearson Farm. Restrictions have been lifted, the swimming pool is open again and animal feeding runs are back on the daily routine. One of Kajagoogoo’s lambs has turned into a real character. She is the first lamb that has come to the children to eat out of their hands since we have been feeding the sheep. We have called her Hush (a reference to a line in a Kajagoogoo song). She is great fun.

Hush at Lower Hearson Farm Self Catering Holiday Cottage North Devon

Spring 2005

The sheep arrived back in the field with their lambs at Easter and Kajagoogoo (the 1980s haired dorset sheep) is back and as hungry as ever. She has two lambs this year which we are keeping a careful eye on to make sure they are ok. We opened on the 12th April and have enjoyed welcoming guests again.