2019 Newsletter

October, November, December

Autumn has been a bit on the wet side but the October half term weather was not too bad. Our regular guests getting to know the sheep very well on the twice daily feeding runs.

July, August and September

Summer was busy as usual with guests enjoying the weather and activities. The plum harvest was spectacular this year and we have stocked up on Plum and Damson jam. We have discovered the Tiverton Canal and enjoyed a lovely walk in the September sunshine along the tow path.

April, May and June

Holly and Hazel presented us with two litters of piglets in the 3rd week of April. Holly had four and Hazel had eight. They have been keeping us busy ever since. Holly’s four that we are keeping are now out in an enclosure in the field busily digging away and snoozing in the dappled sunlight under the trees. The plum and apple trees seem to have a good load of fruit developing. Looking forward to making plum jam and freezing the apples down for winter crumbles. The climbing hydrangeas have been stunning this year and the scent during June has been delightful.

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January, February and March

Holly and Hazel are in pig with piglets hopefully due in April. Both pigs are swelling nicely! The swimming pool refurbishment is now all complete with the heater switched on getting ready for Easter which is fast approaching. She is looking lovely. The paint brushes have been out working in some of the cottages. Spring has arrived really early here at Lower Hearson Farm. The Damson and plum blossom this year has been outstanding with no frosts to upset it. We have never seen it so amazing before and are hoping for a bumper crop this year. Below is a wonderful picture taken after a short walk towards Bableigh in the early morning with Farley. Couldn’t resist Codden Hill poking up through the mist.

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