2018 Newsletter


We have been so busy getting all our decorating and refurbishing projects completed before the Easter holidays. The Shippon now has a refurbished kitchen which was completed just in time after the first delivery of work surfaces arrive damaged. What started out as a project with plenty of time built in suddenly became stressful! Both Holly and Maple farrowed this month. We have some lovely piglets who will be here with us until the end of May. You can keep up with their progress on Facebook

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January and February

Happy New Year to every one. We have been busy decorating in The Shippon and The Grain Store and have a couple of other improvements in the pipe line that we will let you know about soon. Both Maple and Holly are in pig and due to have their piglets during mid to late March. Plenty of piglet fun to be had during Easter and the rest of April and May! They are tucking up warm in the piggy palace at the moment with Hazel and Ivy providing the entertainment in the middle pen having no responsibilities on their shoulders at present. Everyone had great fun during February half term. The weather was good so our guests enjoyed brisk walks along the beaches and some great pony rides at Dean Farm Riding Stables. Maple and Holly are growing larger by the day. Farrowing day getting nearer and nearer.

Self Catering Holiday Cottage Accommodation North Devon Self Catering Holiday Cottage Accommodation North Devon