2017 Newsletter

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We were full up for the entire month of April. It was great to see friends who have been many times before and also to meet some lovely new people as well. We all had a great time. Maple kept us on tenterhooks farrowing 4 days late following a visit from the vet who had to induce her. The drug normally takes 24 to 36 hours to kick in. One of our regular guests and now a friend was a star and helped Marilyn to deliver the piglets with her Mum, sister and brother giving moral support from the side lines. Graeme had just chosen the wrong moment to pop out to Sainsburys!

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We finally finished the fence in the field just in time for the sheep and their lambs arriving. Nothing like doing things in the nick of time! Maple is getting bigger by the day and we are looking forward to the middle of April when she will present us with her piglets. Most of the other refurbishments have been completed ready for Easter. Just waiting for the new Grain Store bedroom windows which will need to be fitted in May when we next have the cottage free.

Farm Holiday Self Catering Holiday Accommodation North Devon Farm Holiday Accommodation Self Catering North Devon

January and February

It has been a busy couple of months carrying out work and decorating in the cottages. The Roundhouse sitting room is having a new oak floor which will look lovely with the new leather sofas and new curtains. With other improvements in the Shippon, Grain Store, Linhay and Threshing Barn the weeks have been flying by. Outside we are putting a new fence along one side of the field and laying some new paving slabs around the swimming pool along with all the other usual jobs. Farley, our new puppy, has been amply entertained with all the excitement that has been going on and we are trying to get to grips with training him. He is going through his over enthusiastic phase at the moment! Maple is “in-pig” with piglets due in the middle of April. Holly is “in-pig” with her first litter due at the end of April. Graeme will try to be on hand to hold both pigs trotters whilst they are farrowing whatever time of the day or night. We managed to fit in two trips, one to Baggy Point, one to Putsborough to show Farley the seaside and some cliffs in January. Both outings were great fun and he thoroughly enjoyed himself. See our Farm Holiday Self Catering Short Break Late Availability North Devon page.

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